Speculation That The College Football Season ‘Is Done’ Is Gaining Steam After MAC Cancels Fall Football Season

Rumors are swirling that the college football season could be in serious jeopardy.

On Saturday morning, Watch Stadium’s Brett McMurphy reported that the MAC conference became the biggest conference to date to cancel their college football season this fall due to coronavirus concerns.

Via Watch Stadium

The Mid-American Conference has canceled its football season this fall because of player health and safety concerns regarding COVID-19, sources told Stadium.

The 12-member MAC is the first Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) conference opting not to play this fall. On Wednesday, UConn, an independent, became the first FBS school to announce it would not play this year. The MAC intends to try to play in the spring, sources said.

The MAC reached its decision Saturday morning in a vote by the league’s presidents, sources said. The conference presidents initially met Thursday to finalize the league’s scheduling format. However, Northern Illinois president Lisa Freeman, a former research scientist at the University of Rochester School of Medicine, indicated her school would not play this fall because of the health and safety concerns, sources said.

According to McMurphy one person in involved in the Power 5 conferences believes “college football is done” for the fall due to “long-term impact of COVID & liability issues involved”

The presidents of Big Ten schools also met on Saturday and there’s gaining momentum to cancel the college football season.

It’s not looking good for college football right now.