College Football Fans React To Report Of ‘Crackdown’ On NIL, Boosters Coming

College Football Fans React To Report Of 'Crackdown' On NIL Coming

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  • Leaders in college football are reportedly set to ‘crackdown’ on boosters and NIL.
  • College football fans shared quite the reactions to the latest report.
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College football is the wild, wild west. It’s been said no less than 1 million times since it became legal for college athletes to make money off of their name, image, and likeness, but that doesn’t make the statement any less true.

The NCAA knows it, college football coaches know it, and players even know it but rightfully don’t care as they’re finally making money off of their own name.

With that being said, some sort of rules and regulations need to be put in place. Nobody is saying there should be some sort of salary cap, because these athletes deserve to be paid, but things are undoubtedly getting out of hand. Players are making millions of dollars before they even step foot on the field.

NCAA Set To ‘Crackdown’ NIL, Booster Influence

It sounds like NCAA leaders and school officials, who operate slower than the United States’ legal system, are ready to put their foot down.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger, college leaders are planning a “crackdown” on NIL and boosters. Specifically, university admins are looking to better monitor boosters from getting involved in recruiting.

“University administrators, part of a task force to review NIL, are finalizing additional guidelines that are expected to clarify that boosters and booster-led collectives are prohibited from involvement in recruiting,” multiple sources told Sports Illustrated.

“The guidelines will provide more guidance to member schools on what many administrators say are NIL-disguised “pay for play” deals orchestrated by donors to induce prospects, recruit players off other college teams and retain their own athletes.”

The bagmen and boosters have been mighty busy over the last year-plus handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars to recruits, but hey, at least it’s legal now.

College Football Fans React To ‘Crackdown’ Coming To College Football NIL And Boosters