Here’s The First Look At The College Football Playoff Championship Ring: So…Many…DIAMONDS

The first College Football Playoff championship ring was just unveiled for the inaugural playoff, and it’s perfect in every way.

With all the controversy surrounding OSU’s pick over the Big 12 teams in the College Football Playoff, there are still a handful of things that have been flawless thus far regarding the playoff. Firstly, the trophy is perfect in design. Secondly, the uniforms unveiled yesterday by NIKE for the four participating teams were widely accepted as amazing by the fans of FSU, OSU, Oregon, and Bama.

Lastly, with the unveiling of today’s championship ring designed by Jostens, this ring is already being heralded as perfect in every way, shape, and form:

Try as hard as you want to nitpick the design of that ring and you’ll find yourself just spinning your wheels. There are SO MANY DIAMONDS on that ring I don’t even know where to stare. It’s flawless. Well done by the College Football Playoff organization in not botching another facet of this year’s playoff.

Because as we all know, FSU should be ranked as the #1 team, and had their choice to play in the Sugar Bowl in NOLA, instead of having to travel across the nation to play a team with a loss. A loss to a shitty team. Whereas FSU is riding at 29-game winning streak, is undefeated in a power-5 conference, and is the ONLY team this season to have faced and defeated 5 of the top 14 defenses in the NCAA.

Go Noles!

And to all the haters, you can enjoy your misery when FSU goes Dallas-to-Dallas this season and slips those championship rings around their fingers while hoisting up back-to-back National Championships.


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