A Guy Who Got Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Beer Money Thanks To A ‘College GameDay’ Sign Is Donating It To Charity

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college gameday sign beer money donation

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During every week of the college football season, students at one lucky school get the chance to wake up at an ungodly hour and flock to the set of College GameDay for the privilege of getting a taste of what it’s like to cram into Times Square on New Year’s Eve (only they’re there to watch Lee Corso put something funny on his head instead of watching a ball drop).

Of course, you can’t talk about College GameDay without talking about the signs that people bring in tow in an attempt to get a fleeting moment of fame, which is exactly what Carson King did when he arrived bright and early on Iowa State’s campus ahead of their game against Iowa (a.k.a “El Assico”).

According to The Des Moines Register, the 24-year-old—who attended the school for a couple of years—decided to shoot his shot by whipping up a poster board featuring his Venmo handle in the hope that some kind souls might be generous enough to send him money to replenish his Busch Light supply.

college gameday beer money sign donation


The stunt was more successful than he anticipated and he soon found himself on the receiving end of hundreds of dollars sent his way by total strangers who saw the sign on television.

It’s safe to say King was slightly overwhelmed, and after reaching the $600 mark, he decided to do Iowa’s Children’s Hospital a major solid by deciding to donate all of the funds he received (minus the cost of a case).

As of this writing, King has helped raise almost $7,500 for the hospital and that number only continues to grow.

What a guy.

UPDATE: Busch has offered to match Carson’s donation and hook him up with some free beer.

I love when stories have a happy ending.

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