College Lacrosse Team Barely Beats Rival 26-0, Hasn’t Lost A Game In 5 Years

This past weekend, Onondaga Community College squeaked by Monroe Community College in a nail-biter, 26-0, in route TO ITS 100TH STRAIGHT WIN. One hundred. Onondaga hasn’t lost a game since March 2010.

The Lazers, the defending National Junior College Athletic Association five times running, broke the original NJCAA record of 98 straight set by the Herkimer County Community College men’s soccer team. The NCAA record for longest winning streak goes to Trinity College. They won 254 squash matches in a row, which is impressive, but squash.

Most of Onondaga’s wins during this streak have been lopsided. The average score during the school’s hundred game streak has been 25-4.

Chuck Wilbur told, “We’ve had an awful lot of talent but we’ve had an awful lot of luck, too. A lot of people see the scores, the big scores. But there have been a lot of close games where we’ve won by just a few goals.”

Way to stay humble, Chuck.

[via Fox Sports]

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