New Report Reveals Which College Sports Have Athletes That Do The Most Drugs; Guess Which Is Number One?

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Wait, college students use drugs? Even those who are there to play sports? WHAAAAT?! No. Way.

Sorry, I got jokes. Moving on…

22.3% of all full-time college students report having recently used illicit substances, so we know it’s being done, but how do the numbers vary for athletes?

Thanks to a new report by Project Know we have a pretty good idea, and then some.

In the first chart we see that, surprisingly, alcohol is used more often by the athletes than the nation at large. Not surprisingly, marijuana is also more highly used, while the use of cigarettes is far less.


Project Know

Chart number two breaks it down by gender and the results aren’t terribly surprising.


Project Know

Chart three is the key one here showing the breakdown of substance abuse by sport. Lacrosse comes in at number one, followed closely by ice hockey, with both sports reporting very high alcohol use.


Project Know

Chart four breaks the sports down for females only.


Project Know

While chart five shows the numbers by race/ethnicity.


Project Know

Looks like we need to start hanging out more with the lacrosse and ice hockey crowd, huh? Oh, wait, that wasn’t the point of the study, was it? My bad.

[Project Know]

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