Colorado Rockies Reveal New City Connect Alternate Uniforms And They Are A Smashing Success

Colorado Rockies Reveal New City Connect Alternate Uniforms

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The MLB continues to do everything it can to hang around with the popularity of the NBA and NFL. Teams across the league are rolling out new uniforms and some have been a success while others have been a flop. The Colorado Rockies are the latest team to roll out some alternate uniforms with a new City Connect edition — and the new threads are glorious.

Oh, and they are inspired by the state’s license plate.

These are marvelous indeed, and the Rockies’ official Twitter account put together a fantastic two-minute video that can be seen here.

The new Rockies uniforms are a massive hit for fans everywhere

The Rockies might have just won the internet on a Friday at the end of May, not for anything happening on the field.

The Spokane Indians, the Rockies High-A affiliate, had the perfect response to the uniform reveal, and other fans jumped in with their reactions.

Nike has once again released a brilliant design, and while the dark green might look a bit odd for the Rockies, it fits in pretty well.

More MLB teams are going to be releasing their City Connect jerseys soon, and ESPN’s latest rankings even have the Rockies as the No. 1 thread of all the teams who have released the jerseys.

Even though the Rockies aren’t winning on the field, they are winning the uniform battle.