Heartbroken Rams Fans Got Recruited To Root For A New NFL Team And They Should Totally Do It

Denver Broncos v Indianapolis Colts

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Now that St. Louis Rams fans are left without a home team to cheer for, the Indianapolis Colts have swooped in to try and pluck them from the stranded fanbase that they’ve become after the news that their former NFL team will be playing in Los Angeles.

The Colts, which play in Indianapolis, are conveniently just about 241 miles away from the Louie, meaning they’d happily accept the leftover Rams fans to their home anytime they want, even tweeting to them to jump on Indy’s bandwagon without any regrets.

With the Colts actually being the closest NFL team to St. Louis (for reference, Kansas City is about 247 miles away from the city), Indy does offer a good choice for Rams fans looking for a team now.

Here are just a few of the best reasons:

1. Colts kicker Pat McAfee is more entertaining than anyone the Rams have had on their roster for the past five years.

2. Andrew Luck is a franchise quarterback who could win a Super Bowl before that stupid new stadium in L.A. is even scheduled for completion in 2019.

3. That fake punt play the Colts ran against the Pats earlier this season will bring back memories of that team that just left.

4. It gives St. Louis fans another reason to hit up some shrimp at St. Elmo’s Steakhouse before seeing “their” Colts play.

And, with that, I say Rams fans say fuck it and start donning that blue and white gear like right now!

[H/T Fox Sports]

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