Washington Commanders Shut Down Redskins Name Change Rumors ‘It’s Not Being Considered’


The Washington Commanders will not be changing their name anytime soon.

Last month, an online petition titled “Change The Washington Commanders Back To The Washington Redskins” went viral and gathered over 128,000 signatures.

Via Change.org

“The name “Redskins” carries deep cultural, historical, and emotional significance, honoring the bravery, resilience, and warrior spirit associated with Native American culture. It was never intended as a derogatory or offensive term but as a symbol of respect and admiration. Changing the name abruptly disregards the positive legacy that the Redskins name has built over the years and disorients the passionate fans who have invested their emotions, time, and unwavering support in the team.”

During an appearance on 106.7 The Fan, Commanders team President Jason Wright shot down any name change consideration.

“It is not being considered. “Period.”

“We have three big priorities for new ownership: building a championship-caliber team on the field and investing in amenities we need to do so, improving the guest experience, and re-engaging with the community,” Wright said. “Josh and the limited partners will be present in the community leading up to game day, including a big kickoff party at Franklin Park on Sept. 8, so we’ll see what happens.”

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