Hockey Superstar Connor McDavid Could Be In Trouble After Viral Video Hits Twitter

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  • Edmonton Oilers forward Connor McDavid is the NHL’s best player
  • McDavid just wrapped up an historic playoff showing where he recorded 33 points in 16 games to carry Edmonton of the Western Conference Finals
  • Now he may find himself in some hot water after a viral video surfaced on Twitter
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Connor McDavid eliminated any doubt over who the best player in the NHL is with his performance in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The Edmonton Oilers forward was unreal, recording 33 points in just 16 games to carry his team to the Western Conference Semifinals. The Oilers lost that series to Colorado, 4-0. But McDavid was so good that some are still calling for him to win the Conn Smythe Trophy.

Now McDavid’s season is over and it appears he’s fully taking advantage of the offseason.

Possible Connor McDavid Video Lights Up Twitter

A video hit Twitter in the early hours of Monday morning that allegedly shows McDavid having a great time out on the town in Edmonton.

In the video, a man that looks like McDavid walks down the street, albeit a bit wobbly, while holding the hand of a woman. If it is McDavid, the woman that he is with is not his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Kyle. The pair have reportedly been dating since 2016.

Because it’s Twitter, and because McDavid is wildly famous, Twitter immediately ran with the rumor.

Now, for all anybody knows, the woman in the video could well be a friend of McDavid’s who was just looking out for him. It may not be McDavid at all. Either way, I don’t think anyone would envy NHL superstar when he woke up Monday morning.