Conor McGregor Reacts To Being Called A ‘Juiced’, ‘Coked Up Bum’ By Matt Brown

Conor McGregor in the octagon

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Conor McGregor is apparently beefing with UFC veteran Matt Brown.

Last week, Brown appeared on Michael Bisping’s ‘Believe You Me’ podcast and ripped McGregor to shreds.

“With Conor, I just want the red panty night, right? That’s all I give a f—- about,” “He’s a nobody, to be honest, in my opinion,” Brown said. “He was amazing, I give him all the props for all that he did. At this point, he’s a bum.

“You can headline that, and it won’t be bulls—-,” “Conor, I think he’s lost like four or his last five. He hasn’t f—-ing done nothing. Everything you see, it’s him drinking or getting coked up, or he’s juiced out of his mind. That’s f—-ing bum life to me. All that money don’t make you not a bum. You’re still a bum to me, bro. When you step in the cage, you’re still a f—-ing bum to me.”

McGregor saw Brown’s comments and immediately fired back mocking Brown’s past addiction to heroin.

Conor McGregor tweet


McGregor deleted his “heroin addict” tweet but continued to take shots at Brown on Twitter by posting a video of Brown getting knocked out against Donald Cerrone.

Brown has since challenged McGregor to a fight.

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