This Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather Press Conference ‘Curse Counter’ Is Funny As F**k

by 8 months ago
conor mcgregor floyd mayweather curse counter

YouTube - Sports Illustrated

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather probably should have stopped their “world tour” after day two in Toronto. The entire spectacle obviously peaked then because Thursday’s stop in Brooklyn was an absolute shitshow.

Dana White even apologized for it, calling it a shitshow, saying, “So sorry about the #shitshow It’s not my show or it would be run WAAAAAY different.”

As in perhaps the media could ask these two guys some actual questions while they’re on stage in front of thousands of people instead of them just improving (while obviously running out of material after day two) and basically just standing up there swearing every other sentence? That would be nice. I don’t know who did organize this “tour” but four days of the same thing wasn’t a great idea.

Speaking of swearing, the first day of this circus it was still pretty damn funny because it was semi-unexpected, which is probably why Sports Illustrated put together this “curse counter.” Honestly, it’s probably as funny as the new Bad Lip Reading of Mayweather and McGregor just for its sheer absurdity.

Give yourself a chuckle and check it out below…

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