Conor McGregor Adds Fuel To Rumor Of Super Fight By Posting ‘Mayweather Vs McGregor’ Fight Poster On Twitter

A few days ago, British tabloid, The Sun, reported that Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather were in negotiations to fight in a boxing match later this Summer.

Many including UFC President Dana White called bullshit on the whole thing but it seems like both fighters are content on keeping the rumor alive.

Earlier today, the UFC featherweight champion posted this “fight poster” on his official Twitter page.

Last night, Mayweather was asked about a potential fight with Conor and he admitted that “it might not be a rumor.”

It’s likely that both fighters are just toying with the press to get more publicity for themselves because it’s still extremely doubtful that the UFC will ever let Conor out of his contract to fight Floyd.