Conor McGregor Sends Message To Tony Ferguson Threatening To ‘End’ Him [Updated]

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Despite losing his last SIX fights, 39-year-old former Interim UFC Lightweight Champion Tony Ferguson says he still wants to compete.

Ferguson even listed 10 reasons on Twitter why he wants to keep fighting even though he hasn’t won since he fought Donald Cerrone on June 8, 2019.

This is apparently good news as far as Conor McGregor is concerned.

Then again, McGregor hasn’t won a UFC fight since January 18, 2020 when he defeated, wait for it… Donald Cerrone. (You have to go back almost seven years, to November 12, 2016, to find McGregor’s second most recent UFC win.)

“1.) Haven’t Sparred Good Since Barboza or Thompson,” Ferguson tweeted alongside a video of him hitting a heavy bag. “2.) Only Time I Find Myself In A Cage Is When I Fight. 3.) Since Pandemic None of This S*** Has Been Fun. 4.) I Used To Smile A Lot Moar When I Was Competing. 5.) Been So Busy Taking Care Of Others Instead Of Myself.”

In a follow-up tweet, Fergsuon continued, “7.) Created Boundaries Between Those Who Are Bad For Me. 8.) Structured Myself So I Don’t Make The Same Mistakes. 9.) No I’m Not Retiring & F*** Those Who Think I Should. 10.) I Have Work To Do & I’m One Pissed Off MF.”

Well, if he is not retiring and wants to continue to fight, Ferguson certainly has a willing opponent in Conor McGregor.

That is, of course, only if Conor McGregor ever does actually return to the octagon.

The bad blood between McGregor and Tony Ferguson goes back many years and was most recently exacerbated by Ferguson in the lead-up to the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter earlier this year.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and in May Tony Ferguson was arrested and charged with DUI after the truck he was driving ran into two parked vehicles outside of a nightclub in Hollywood before flipping.

So, a fight between Ferguson and Conor McGregor, which would have been awesome in, say, 2015, is unlikely to ever happen in the UFC.

UPDATE: Ferguson responded to McGregor, writing, “Ahh, there’s my b****. Took a few to get your attention, ehh? Remember when you used to work for me and I fired your a** for not doing your job. When you’re done signing your legal issues, sign on the dotted line Coward-Champ.”

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