Conor McGregor Showboats While Sparring With Former Boxing Champ Paulie Malignaggi

Conor McGregor is currently amping up his preparation for his late August fight with Floyd Mayweather by sparring with former two-time world champion Paulie Malignaggi. On Friday, McGregor posted an image of the pair together in the ring with the UFC star appearing to give the former boxing champ little respect.

Before joining McGregor’s camp, Malignaggi was critical of the MMA star for deciding to jump into the boxing world.

Don’t disrespect the sport of boxing… I’m going to knock the beard off you homie,””You are going to be apologizing for everything you have been trying to do to get into boxing.”

In the end, Malignaggi feels like he can help McGregor get ready for Mayweather.


“I was a speed and reflex fighter, so is Floyd, so there’s that,” Malignaggi said. “I think they also picked me for my boxing brains and to give my two cents. If I’m there I’m there to help and do my part to improve him and get him ready for this big opportunity. I’d like to think there were several different reasons I was called. I am looking to make things happen for him.”

Malignaggi took to Twitter after the sparring session to talk about his experience training with Conor.

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