Conor McGregor’s Huge Smile After Meeting With Dana White Is What Every UFC Fan Should Be Doing

There has been a lot of back and forth between superstar UFC fighter Conor McGregor and the company’s president, Dana White, with the Irishmen “retiring” from the sport because he wasn’t getting the cash he had hoped for for UFC 200 this summer.

But, like everything, time heals all wounds—and, if McGregor’s grin walking out of his meeting with White is any indication, any differences were patched up following the face-to-face in Beverly Hills yesterday.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that McGregor’s next fight is planned—that the public knows of—but it sure seems as if something good happened in that room with White.

Dana White shared in the enthusiasm, too, posting this pic onto Twitter while on a plane after the chat.

Earlier in the day, White had told ESPN in a live interview that he was confident something with McGregor would get done at their meeting last night, per MMAJunkie:

“He will not be on UFC 200,” White said, according to MMAjunkie. “Not at all. That ship sailed. But we’ve put that behind us, and we’re in a good place with Conor, and we’re looking to make his next fight. We should have that done tonight.”

The biggest star in the sport might just be back, guys, so let’s hope something gets announced soon.

[H/T The Score]

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