Cornell Just Accidentally Destroyed Over $200,000 of Horse Semen

Yes, this actually happened in Ithaca, N.Y. A woman named Lynn Reed successfully sued Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine for destroying her horse's semen in 2005. The court case was HARD-fought. But Reed came out of the sticky situation a winner.

From the Cornell Daily Sun:

“Ms. Reed has fought for nearly nine years to redress the harm done to her business by Cornell and its personnel,” Siano said to The Journal. “What they destroyed was unique, valuable and nothing in the proof at trial established that Ms. Reed could replace what Cornell destroyed.”

The University has less than two weeks to file motions to overturn the jury’s decision, according to The Poughkeepsie Journal.

The University declined to comment regarding the case.


Court case solved. How they collected 212 units of horse semen, however? That's a mystery.