Average Cost To Attend A 2014 NHL Game By Team—It’s Good To Be A Hockey Fan In Florida

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Now that we’re fully into the swing of the 2014-2015 NHL season it’s time we step back and take a look at the most important things, like which are the cheapest and most expensive teams to watch.

The ‘NHL Adult Cost Index’ is used to measure the average price it would cost an adult to attend a game, it includes 1 ticket (avg price), 1 small draft beer, 1 soda, 1 hotdog, and half the average cost of parking. By measuring this we’re able clearly see why Florida is the best place in North America to be an NHL fan, because it’s dirt cheap to attend the games (relatively speaking).



via NationalPost

The proof is in the pudding, if you want to see hockey in North America (affordably) you MUST move to Florida.

Florida is now the hockey capital of North America, and I don’t give a crap what you say Detroit…TAMPA BAY IS OFFICIALLY ‘Hockey Bay USA’. Suck it.


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