Want To Be A Baller And Dress Like ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor? You Don’t Have Enough Money

by 12 months ago
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We already knew that Conor McGregor has a, how shall I put this, very unique sense of fashion before he went on his wild and wacky world tour with Floyd Mayweather. (Who will ever forget his $6,500 “F*ck You” suit? Which you can actually buy.) His wardrobe choices, however, are actually very fitting since Conor McGregor is also most certainly a very unique individual.

For instance, I love the fact that McGregor is single-handedly trying to make the turtleneck and fur coats great again. Just one look at what he wore to the press conference for his fight with Eddie Alvarez last year.

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That, there, is a man who lives life to the beat of his own drum, folks. Actually though, the look was really an homage to Smokin’ Joe Frazier and what he wore at the press conference for his fight against Muhammad Ali in 1974.

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