Dallas Cowboys Will Sell Ezekiel Elliott Crop Top Shirts, So Get Ready For Hairy Guts And Glorious Hot Girl Abs

Ezekiel Elliott Crop Top Suit NFL Draft - Red Carpet


Photo by Kena Krutsinger / Getty Images

Ezekiel Elliott has become known for his crop top obsession just as much as his playing abilities. We all saw the fourth overall draft pick of the Dallas Cowboys roll up on the red carpet of the 2016 NFL Draft rocking the crop top suit. He got his wrist slapped for putting his ab work on full display in an Ohio State Buckeyes uniform, but that won’t happen in a Cowboys uni. Instead, it’s been reported that Cowboys fans can buy Ezekiel Elliott crop top shirts.

honey boo boo belly

From NBC Dallas-Fort Worth’s Newy Scruggs:

“The newly signed $24.9 million back is now going to have his own Cowboys crop-top t-shirt, according to Cowboys Merchandising Limited president Bill Priakos. He also told me Elliott’s jersey sales have been doing very well and the club is very happy for the rookie. Expect that new Elliott crop top merchandise to hit shelves very soon.”

By the way, Newy Scruggs has to be a fake name, right? We’re getting Top Five‘d here, right? It’s really Skip Bayless trying to coast under the radar.

Even though I’m a Giants fan and I sorta kinda wanted Elliott – especially after he made those comments about going to the Super Bowl with Eli and Odell – I’m interested to see Cowboys fans in crop tops. You know you’ll get your blondes with fake racks flaunting their hot yoga results, but you’ll also get the fat party animal. Hopefully, in the same pic, so TV executives can feel good about the sitcoms they’re airing.

Via 247Sports, NBC DFW 5

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