Watch These Cowboys Fans Use Plastic Chairs Like Baseball Bats During Brawl With One Another

Cowboys Fans Bar Fight


Cowboys fans don’t usually get along with other fans. This past Sunday, they were even fighting among one another.

This video of a Dallas Cowboys watch party turning into a Pier 6 brawl obviously had to happen prior to the Falcons epic fourth-quarter collapse.

(In his best Stefon from SNL voice)

This fight has everything…

  • Bad music
  • Half-assed chair-throwing
  • Red punch in a wine carafe
  • Comically bad kicks
  • No masks except for the guy on stage
  • People asking a lot of their pants and belts
  • One woman who’s had about enough
  • And a guy in a red shirt who’s jacked up after throwing zero punches

Imagine this party if the Cowboys lost.

[via Total Pro Sports]


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