Cowboys Fans Debate If Cooper Rush Is Better Than Dak Prescott After Third Straight Win As A Starter

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wanted a QB controversy and he may have just gotten one.

Last week while talking to the media, Jones welcomed a QB competition because it meant that Rush would have won his games while Dak Prescott was out with injury.

NFL analyst Phil Simms went on to say he didn’t feel there was a big dropoff from Prescott to Rush.

“Cooper Rush has a good arm, he has experience, he led the team to a victory last year,” Simms said. “He can make the plays. There’s not going to be a huge drop-off to me.”

Simms isn’t looking crazy after Monday Night when Rush won his third straight game as a starter.

Cowboys fans are not genuinely debating whether Rush is better than Prescott.

Even Skip Bayless chimed in.

Some Dak defenders popped to stop all the Rush is better than Prescott debates.