Watch Cowboys QB Dak Prescott’s Profane Reaction To Accidental Packers Autograph

Dak Prescott

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

In a moment that had even the most die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans scratching their heads, quarterback Dak Prescott had a little slip-up during an autograph session.

In the now-viral video, Prescott can be seen graciously signing autographs for excited fans, one after the other.

However, in an epic brain-freeze moment, he inadvertently scribbled his signature on a Packers hat without a second thought.

The look of shock and disbelief that washed over Prescott’s face as he realized his gaffe was absolutely priceless.

Dak exclaims, “No way, did I just sign a Packers hat? What the f—?”

In an attempt to save face, Dak quickly adds, “Excuse my language.”

Speaking of the Cowboys-Packers rivalry, maybe they’ll meet this year in the playoffs with Jordan Love facing off Dak instead of Aaron Rodgers.