Patrick Mahomes Suggests Coyotes Move To KC, Team Director Fires Unnecessary Shot

Patrick Mahomes

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

The Arizona Coyotes are in a bit of a weird place right now after their proposal for a new stadium was shot down.

For that reason, this NHL franchise may have to find a new city to support them. But it’s not clear what their future holds just yet.

With that in mind, superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes suggested the Coyotes move to Kansas City. Based on how hardcore the football fans are in that town, it could prove to be a solid home for the Coyotes.

It’s a rather innocent tweet. Why not generate interest for a hockey team possibly in search for a new home.

But things went south rather quickly after Makayla Perkins, the Director of Social Media for the Coyotes, sent an unnecessary shot at Mahomes as her response to his simple suggestion.

Her account is protected, and you have to follow her to see here tweets. For that reason, Harold R. Kuntz shares her tweet.

Here is Makayla Perkins sending an unnecessary shot at Patrick Mahomes about his brother Jackson.

Look, we’re all very aware of what’s going on with Jackson Mahomes right now. But it seemed out of pocket for Perkins to pop off about it to the Kansas City Chiefs star.

But it appears the Coyotes Director of Social Media double-downed on her slam by changing her profile picture on Twitter to troll Chiefs fans.

Overall, this is kind of weird behavior. Especially for someone working in a director position.

Patrick Mahomes has not responded to Perkins over his tweet about the Coyotes. And he’s probably not going to.