Craig Sager’s Kids Say He Took Them Out Of His Will The Day After Son Went Through Medical Procedure To Save Father’s Life

Craig Sager Son Left Out Will

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There’s some terrible family drama between Craig Sager’s kid from his first marriage and Craig’s second wife Stacy.

On Wednesday, Craig Sager’s daughter Kacy says that she and her sister Krista and brother Craig Sager II were all excluded from the family estate the day after Craig II completed a complicated medical procedure in an effort to save his father’s life during the spring of 2015.

Kacy claims her stepmother Stacy talked their father into changing the will and is trying to keep them away from being a part of their father’s legacy.


She’s greedy,” Kacy Sager wrote … “She didn’t even let us say goodbye to him because she wanted to spend his last day of consciousness alone with him. My brother saved his life & she still tried to poison our father against us.”

“[Craig Sager] left his family for a chick in her 20s, & she spent their whole marriage spending everything he made & driving a wedge between us. And is continuing after his death.”

“The issue isn’t the will. We never cared about the money. It’s that she’s trying to keep us away from everything, including the Sager Strong Foundation & the kids, and is making lawyers and sheriffs do her dirty work instead of picking up a phone.”

Craig Sager Jr. backed up his sister on Twitter.

Even thought I have a shit ton of respect and admiration for Craig Sager cutting your kid out of your will just days after he tried to save your life is pretty fucked up.

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