Bananas Crash Leaves Two Drivers Hospitalized At The Red Bull Ring

car crash

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before, but racing to me is one of those sports that I only watch because I want to see crashes. Sure, I’ll gasp and say how bad that crash was and that I hope everyone is ok, but it’s the whole reason I watch. It’s like an episode of 48 Hour Mystery. Sure, no one likes hearing about someone getting killed, but it’s main reason I watch the show. Which is why this crash at the Red Bull Rising last night was “horrible” but also “the only reason I watch racing.”

Well, I’m pretty sure someone’s dead. If not physically, then their career is. And those cars are. Sad part here is that someone poured their life and soul into creating those cars and these drivers turned them into twisted garbage (modern art?) in the span of 4 seconds. Did anyone check and make sure that those guys were breathing before they stuck them in the ambulance. “Oh yeah…uh…I’m pretty sure that these guys are still alive.” “Should we check their pulse?” “No, just stick them in the ambulance. We don’t get paid enough for that.” Also, how about that guy laughing and smiling after potentially seeing three people get killed in horrific crashes?

Guy gets it.