Take A Seat Because This Gloriously Athletic Handball Highlight Is About To Knock You On Your Ass


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You don’t hear about Handball as a sport too much in America. I’d see the game played all over when I lived in NYC but it was mostly from foreign-born New Yorkers who would get together and play. It was never a situation where the hipsters of Bushwick coopted the game and tried to make it trendy like Kickball.

It’s a shame we don’t see more Handball action here in America. As you’re about to see in this penalty shot below, Handball can produce some highlights which are easily worthy of a place on the SportsCenter ‘Top 10’. Seriously, if you watch this play and aren’t blown away by the athleticism on display then you’re probably just dead inside:

Handball’s alive and well, apparently, elsewhere in the world. After doing some Googling about professional Handball leagues and salaries I was a little surprised to discover that the average Professional Handball player in France is making 6,900 Euros per month (around $8,420/mo) with the highest paid professional Handball player in France getting paid a RIDICULOUS 80,000 Euros per month (around $97,679/month).

That’s almost $100K/month to play Handball, a game we barely even know exists here in America. In fact, the only time we ever see this game played is at the Summer Olympics for like two weeks every four years. Other than that, Handball might as well not exist in the States and that’s a shame.

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