Cricket Reporter Conducts Hilarious Interview After Eating Hot Chilis

by 4 years ago


Cricket is huge in New Zealand. It’s so big, in fact, that many people actually understand the rules.

Lachlan Forsyth is one of those people. He covers the support with a watchful eye. During a recent test (fancy word for match) against India, he tweeted out a promise to eat some insanely hot peppers if his country prevailed. Considering India was heavily favored and hadn’t lost to New Zealand in 12 years, it seemed like a safe claim to make.

It wasn’t.

Forsyth made good on his promise during the following day’s telecast, and we’re really all better for it. Watching him trying to conduct an interview in severe pain is the apex of cricket entertainment. I want to say he handled it like a pro, but I’m not sure if slamming chilis on air is something Walter Cronkite would do.

[H/T: Extra Mustard]



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