‘Notable’ Crips Gang Member Issues Serious Warning, Advice To Ja Morant

Ja Morant at Sound Nightclub - Crips gang member Bricc Baby

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Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant has caught the attention of a “notable” Crips gang member with his gun antics.

After being suspended for a second time for flashing a gun on social media, Crips gang member Bricc Baby issued a warning to the two-time NBA All-Star.

“That’s another one of them fake rapping a** n******,” he told Cam Capone News.

Then, when Ja Morant’s $200 million contract is brought up, Bricc Baby replied, “Yeah, what the f*** you want to live like a rapper for?”

He was then asked how he feels about Ja Morant throwing up gang signs.

“I don’t think so. Run it in. You know what’s up,” he replied. “He ain’t f****** with the gangland like that.

“You throwing those N’s up, that’s gonna cost you anyway … What you want to do? To pay the Crips for the rest of your life? Because that’s gonna cost you.”

Bricc Baby then offered Ja Morant some advice.

“Let’s be real because like, like, start being real with yourself. You a basketball player. Okay, you want to step into this field, we can show you a whole lot about this s***.

“Matter of fact, set up a meeting for me and John Morant since he want to be a Crip,” he added with a grin. “I bet you he don’t never show up and it’s on some friendly s***.

“I don’t got no beef with you, Ja,” he continued. “I just, you like the face of like the NBA. You like the new face of the NBA and you with this. You claim you were part of the culture, man. Be the positive side of the culture like you’ve been being. You don’t got no felonies, you ain’t grow up f****** s*** up and all that. You might have smoked some weed or whatever the case is, but come pull up on me.”

On Monday, Keyshawn Johnson talked about the Ja Morant drawing the Crips’ attention on Keyshawn, J-Will and Max.

“Those are the sort of things that I worry about because you’re aligning yourself in a position that you know nothing about at all whatsoever, zero about,” Johnson said. “That’s where I look at the team and the league and to be able to say, ‘You’ve got to get him the necessary help that he needs, serious help.’”

Morant’s suspension last year for a gun incident already cost him close to $40 million in guaranteed money. The NBA has still yet to rule on how long he will be suspended and what it will cost him this time.

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