NBA Execs Share How Long They Think Ja Morant Will Be Suspended For Second Gun Incident

Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant

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It’s been less than a year since Ja Morant signed a five-year extension with the Grizzlies worth a minimum of $193 million with the potential to earn as much as $213 million based on the various incentives it included.

That deal made sense when you consider the high-flying guard had emerged as one of the most electric young talents in the league after being drafted by Memphis with the second overall pick in 2019. However, you have to wonder if the franchise regrets the move based on what’s transpired since he inked the contract.

Morant was linked to a number of controversial incidents over the course of the most recent NBA regular season, as his dad Tee helped create a bit of a scene after getting into with Shannon Sharpe and members of his entourage were accused of pointing a laser (believed to be a gun sight) at the team bus the Pacers used to depart a game in Memphis.

In March, things took a fairly wild turn after Morant was suspended for flashing a gun on Instagram Live.

It was an incredibly costly incident that not only led to him missing eight games but forced Powerade to shelve an ad campaign and indisputably took him out of the running for All-NBA Team honors that would’ve allowed him to earn a cool $39 million on top of what he’s already making.

Morant promised he’d learned his lesson after he was permitted to return, but over the weekend, it became clear that was decidedly not the case when he once again pulled out a gun on Instagram Live.

The Grizzlies wasted no time suspending Morant from all team activities, and the NBA will be conducting yet another investigation that will undoubtedly result in the guard getting hit with another mandatory hiatus.

There’s no telling exactly how long Morant will be suspended this time, but Sports Illustrated spoke with a number of NBA executives who believe Adam Silver is going to bring down the hammer, saying:

What must the commissioner be thinking now? A 20-game suspension has to be automatic. Rival executives believe half a season—or more—isn’t out of the question.

Find someone who loves you as much as Ja Morant loves showing off guns for clout.

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