This Cristiano Ronaldo Documentary Looks To Be A Must See For Fans And Haters Alike

Ronaldo Movie 1


The kids on Twitter are saying this “could possibly be the greatest movie ever.” Not making that up. Maybe it will be, who knows?

What this movie does look like, however, is an unrivaled (until now) all-access pass into the life of soccer god, Cristiano Ronaldo. Same dude that gave his agent a Greek island for a wedding present. Same dude beloved by Madrid for his attitude and talents alike, who makes more money than I even care to lookup right now (okay I did, and it was $80 million in 2014). Same guy that Barcelona and so many other European clubs love to hate. Same guy that self-proclaims himself as the best soccer player in the world.

Yeah, there’s no way this isn’t going to be good.

Without a doubt, this film looks to showcase Ronaldo in all his glory, but also when he’s at his most introspective. Family time. Friends. Rivals (cough, cough, Messi). This one is going to be a must-watch for any sports fan, solely for remarks like this.

Ronaldo Movie 2


It hits cinemas worldwide no November 9th. See you guys in theaters.

[h/t SB Nation]