Cubs Play ‘Smack My B*tch Up’ After Their Closer Leaves The Mound, Yes, Their Closer Accused Of Choking His Girlfriend

When I first saw this story, the headline did not specify what song the Chicago Cubs played. So I assumed that the media was being all oversensitive over a song with ambiguous lyrics that might not relate to domestic violence. But then there it was, probably the absolute worst song in the world that you could play as a man accused of choking his girlfriend.

“Smack My Bitch Up” by the English band Prodigy?

The techno-/rock 90s song that features lyrics that repeat, “smack my bitch up” was played on the PA system after Aroldis Chapman left the mound in the top of the ninth inning on Sunday night.

The DJ tried to be cute with the lyrics “Change my pitch up,” but it didn’t really make sense since it was for Chapman, who rarely mixes speeds and fires rockets at 103 mph.

On Monday, the Cubs fired the Wrigley Field DJ who played an inappropriate song.

Chapman served a 30-game suspension with the New York Yankees earlier this year after the alleged domestic violence incident. The police report states that Chapman “allegedly fired eight gunshots in the garage of his Miami-area home following an October argument with his girlfriend in which she told police he “choked” her and pushed her against a wall.”

Chapman was not arrested and no charges were filed.

Prodigy lead singer Liam Howlett denied the song was about domestic violence and said this of the controversial title back in 1997:

“But live, it works. It works well. Sometimes things can be so fucking simple and you don’t need an explanation of the lyrics. Why explain the lyrics? It either works or it doesn’t. And for us, it works well live. It’s a really exciting track and it’s just a good hard track.”

Howlett said that he had used a sample from an old Ultramagnetic MCs song as part of a kind of hip-hop tribute.

“I was into hip-hop and I was into the fact that MCs could rap about anything, they could rap about smacking women up and it’d just be more comical than anything else. You wouldn’t actually take it serious. You wouldn’t think the Prodigy are about beating their girlfriends up and shit like that. It has a certain amount of b-boy style in the actual song. It’s just basically bringing that through.”

So while Howlett denies his song is about beating up women, he kind of admits that it is about beating women, but not literally.

So maybe, just maybe you pick one of the 9.7 million other songs in the history of man that don’t reference or have anything to do with hitting a woman and play that. Just a friendly suggestion.


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