The Cubs’ Twitter Account Trolled The Shit Out Of Some Poor Schmuck Who Wanted A Free Jersey

Normally when you tweet at official Twitter accounts they just ignore you, or at the best they…no wait they just ignore you, unless of course you’re bitching and threatening to bring down their entire company with your own bare hands. In that case they’ll respond, but it’s a half-assed response because they’re hoping you’ll just forget about the whole thing in 10 minutes. Dakota Turner, however, is one Cubs fan who has an attention span that allowed her to not only ask the Cubs’ official Twitter account for a free Kyle Shwarber jersey…

//…but to remember that, hey, those assholes stiffed me and I damned well am NOT forgetting about this:


// for Dakota, the Cubs finally caved:


…except not really:


Tl;dr: fuck off Dakota, no jersey for you.

[H/T Bleacher Report]