Internet Destroys Usher Who Knocked Down Giant Beer Cup Pyramid At Cubs Game

Usher At Cubs Game Vilified For Destroying Epic Beer Cup Pyramid


  • An usher at a Chicago Cubs game became Public Enemy No. 1 after killing some fun in the bleachers
  • Fans built a giant pyramid made of beer cups only to have it demolished
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It’s hard to match the unique camaraderie you instantly share with thousands of people you’ve never met when you make the trek to watch one of the teams you root for play on their home turf and find yourself surrounded by a mass of spectators who all share a common cause.

That unspoken collectivism can be manifested in plenty of ways, whether it involves an entire arena breaking out into the same chant or The Wave making its way around a stadium. However, there aren’t many examples I adore more than the phenomenon known as the “beer snake.”

The first documented sighting of the beer snake occurred at a game at Wrigley Field in 1969 when fans started stacking the empty cups that eventually formed a massive chain. The idea caught on at other venues as spectators followed their lead, including the people who donated their empties for the cause that would end up being one of the more memorable highlights of the XFL’s short-lived reboot.

During Thursday’s game between the Cubs and the Cardinals in Chicago, a few bleacher creatures decided to turn to a spiritually similar project to stay occupied by using empty beer cups to build a massive pyramid. By the time the bottom of the sixth rolled around, they’d erected an impressive nine-level structure with the help of the approximately 70 cups that were used in its construction.

Unfortunately, the good times eventually came to an end after the beer cup pyramid caught the attention of an usher who showed zero sign of remorse after walking down the aisle and casually demolishing it.

It’s unclear if the man in question was a fun-hating vigilante or simply following the orders issued by high-ranking members of the Fun Police, but it’s safe to say people were not thrilled with the decision to decimate the pyramid.

Nothing gold can stay.