Fans Threw Hamburgers Onto The Ice In Ottawa Last Night, So Curtis Lazar Ate One

Ottawa Senators goaltender Andrew Hammond has been dominant since joining the team. Last night he improved his record to a blistering 12-1 after a win over the Boston Bruins.

In accordance with new tradition, fans threw hamburgers onto the ice.

Seems like a terrible waste of food to me but, hey, I’m not Canadian.

Hammond, who balked at taking a bite of a cold burger on Tuesday, once again decided he didn’t want to eat food off the floor.

Teammate Curtis Lazar, on the other hand, went a different route.

Please, Ottawa front office, give this guy a raise so he doesn’t have to scavenge for burgers like a strung-out Wimpy.

It’s kinda sad.

[H/T: NHL]