Fans Threw Hamburgers Onto The Ice In Ottawa Last Night, So Curtis Lazar Ate One

by 4 years ago

Ottawa Senators goaltender Andrew Hammond has been dominant since joining the team. Last night he improved his record to a blistering 12-1 after a win over the Boston Bruins.

In accordance with new tradition, fans threw hamburgers onto the ice.

Seems like a terrible waste of food to me but, hey, I’m not Canadian.

Hammond, who balked at taking a bite of a cold burger on Tuesday, once again decided he didn’t want to eat food off the floor.

Teammate Curtis Lazar, on the other hand, went a different route.

Please, Ottawa front office, give this guy a raise so he doesn’t have to scavenge for burgers like a strung-out Wimpy.

It’s kinda sad.

[H/T: NHL]

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