Need A Laugh? Watch An Idiot Cycling Fan Get Completely OBLITERATED By Security

cycling fan tackled security bergen time trials


Look, I don’t know jack shit about cycling other than Lance Armstrong cheated his way to seven Tour de France titles and then Floyd Landis won it and got busted and the whole cheating thing hit the fan.

However, I have watched cycling on occasion, usually during the Olympics to see if anyone takes a header or if they have one of those gigantic pileups where I can’t believe no one gets killed. And one thing I always notice is that is without fail some dumbass decides that he needs to insert himself into the race by running alongside the cyclists cheering them on as if they give a fuck.

So when I saw this video on Deadspin of one of these idiots getting the snot knocked out of him by security on the course in Bergen it made me laugh, laugh, laugh.

I’ve literally watched it like 15 times now and I guarantee there’s no way you will be able to watch it just once. You just can’t get the full effect of just how badly this dude got dusted watching it once.

Anyway, enjoy your the one cycling highlight you’ll probably see here all year.