Trevor Lawrence Explains Why People Shouldn’t Be Mad At Dabo Swinney’s ‘Football Matters’ Shirt

dabo swinney football matters shirt

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The past few days haven’t been too kind to Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney as he’s found his name amid some not so great conversations.

Over the weekend, former Clemson running back Hamiid Williams claimed that Swinney used the n-word while scolding players about the music they were listening to in the locker room. Former Tiger tight end Brandon Ford immediately came to Swinney’s defense after Williams’ claims.

Swinney’s weekend didn’t get much better after the accusations as a tweet from @OUSooner2010 made its rounds. The user tweeted out a photo, which has since been deleted, of Swinney wearing a t-shirt with the slogan ‘Football Matters’ on Saturday.

There’s absolutely no denying that if he did indeed wear the shirt on Saturday it’s one of the more tone-deaf moves in the history of tone-deaf moves, but it’s worth noting that ‘Football Matters’ was a commonly used phrase he used during a speech he made while celebrating the 2016 Clemson team that won the national title.

‘Football Matters’ is also a foundation with a campaign that “underscores the NFF’s mission to use the power of amateur football to advance scholarship, citizenship and athletic achievement. It will benefit from the coordinated support of the entire football community.”

Trevor Lawrence jumped on Twitter as the photo was making the rounds and defended his head coach stating that he’s been wearing the t-shirt for months and in no way was he trying to mock Black Lives Matter. The replies to the tweet aren’t necessarily friendly.

Roger Goodell has also worn a ‘Football Matters’ shirt in the past.


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