Dad Ruins Kid’s Life With Backyard Basketball Shot That Has NO BUSINESS Going In

Dad Impossible Shot


We’ve all made stupid bets during backyard basketball games. Most are harmless or end with only forking over a couple bucks to the lucky chump who actually makes the shot.

This girl made, what seemed like, an easy bet with her old man — make a backwards, one-handed shot and you never have to buy a single thing for the girl for the rest of his life. Every day will take that shot. You can see this dude calculating the saving in his head!

Now obviously, and I’m not spoiling anything here because it’s in the damn headline, but the thing about this shot is it HAS NO BUSINESS GOING IN. If this happened in any other situation the basket wouldn’t count — not in pros, college, high school, rec league, intramural or even a pick-up game on the playground — but because this is one shot and a bet is on the line, it counts.

Dad also gloats a little too much. The double middle fingers is a little too much, Pops.

I’m sure dad paid for plenty of things after this shot. First, this girl’s therapy bills after her dad stopped paying for stuff and told her to F off.


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