Dad Throws Incredible Frisbee Golf Hole-In-One After Son Mouths Off

frisbee golf ace


Son tells dad he doesn’t give a shit. Dad throws an improbable ace. Everyone goes wild…What?

On the surface, it might seem like the son doesn’t give a shit about his dad’s Frisbee Golf ace. I say that because we can clearly hear the son saying ‘dad, I don’t give a shit about this’ on the video. However, the video was cut short on both ends and what the son is referring to is the dad’s lecture about the type of shot he was about to throw on Aspen Mountain.

The son actually took to the comments of Reddit in an attempt to clear his name, and prove that he actually has a great relationship with his dad. Here’s what he had to say: “So actually that’s my dad and my brother is filming. This clip cuts out the beginning, in which dad is giving us a lecture on his throw, and my brother is trying to speed him up with the comments in the video. We’ve all got a great relationship and yes, we give each other shit like that on the DG course.” The son followed up with this pic to show that he’s not a terrible son, and in fact cares a lot about his dad’s ace:

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