Jerry Jones Says Dak Prescott Reminds Him Of Tom Brady, Gets Immediately Ridiculed By The Internet

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Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott has had himself a solid season and is in line to become one of the highest-paid QBs in the league whenever he signs his next contract and his owner is giving him some high praise.

During a radio show segment with 105.3 The Fan, Jerry Jones was asked if Prescott reminded him of Tony Romo or Troy Aikman. Jones then gave a surprising answer when he said that Prescott reminded him of Tom Brady instead of Aikman or Romo.

Via Pro Football Talk

“Oh, I think he’s neither. I really do,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, referring to Romo and Troy Aikman. “I think he’s more like [Tom] Brady. Now, I’m not going to. . . .We know Tom Brady, and he’s no Tom Brady. I didn’t say that. But the point is he will evolve and is evolving into a guy that will beat you. He will beat you with different circumstances and different players and different type teams. He will be on teams that have better defense than others. He will be on teams that have better protection than others. I think we got us one in Dak.”

The Internet had a good laugh and immediately ridiculed Jones for even mentioning Prescott in some sentence as Brady.

Jerry needs to chill with the comparisons.

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