Dallas Cowboys Legend Wants Ezekiel Elliott Back

Former Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott

Getty Image / Michael Owens

This offseason has seen some big changes for the Dallas Cowboys.

They moved on from offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and saw star tight end Dalton Schultz leave in free agency.

Still, there was no change bigger than their decision to release Ezekiel Elliott.

Elliott had spent the last 7 years with Cowboys after they made him the 4th overall pick in the 2016 draft.

Unfortunately, he had shown signs of decline over the past couple of seasons and was overtaken by Tony Pollard as the team’s best runner.

When the Cowboys used the franchise tag on Pollard, it made it impossible for them to justify continuing to pay Elliott’s huge salary and with him unwilling to take a pay cut, they decided it was time to move on.

Despite the decision from the Cowboys, one of the team’s legends still supports Elliott.

In a recent interview, Emmitt Smith revealed that he believes the Cowboys should bring Zeke back because he is concerned about Pollard’s health.

“I think Dallas needs to bring Zeke back if they can. With the uncertainty of Pollard being able to come back and being the Tony Pollard that we all know – that is yet to be seen.”

The Cowboys haven’t done anything this offseason that would prevent them from re-signing Zeke. Deuce Vaughn was the only running back they drafted and he fills a very different rome from Zeke.

If the Dallas Cowboys could get Ezekiel Elliott to come back for a reasonable price, he could be a solid complement to Pollard and a good insurance plan.

If nothing else, maybe the fact that a Cowboys legend wants to see the move will be enough to convince them to make it happen.