Dallas Cowboys’ Draft Strategy: Don’t Pick Guy Who Pee Their Pants

by 6 years ago


When the Dallas Cowboys were on the clock and Johnny Manziel was sitting there, everyone in the world flocked to Twitter to bask in the glorious moment. When the pick came and went without so much a mention of Mr. Football, we moved on to the next thing.

There are plenty of reasons the Cowboys opted not to bring in a the Heisman Trophy winner: Tony Romo’s doing a fine job, they’re the last team on earth who needs the extra distraction, they couldn’t trust Jerry Jones around him ….

And so on.

Plus, there’s a small chance Manziel is one of those pesky pants-wetters.

Let’s let Will McClay, the team’s assistant director of player personnel, share his draft strategy.

“I think it was important for us to say,” McClay explained, “if we’re trying to build this thing and get to a point where we can win now, who has been able to handle the pressure of a big time program? Who will most likely be able to come into a situation like the Dallas Cowboys and the microscope that we’re under with all the games we play on national TV, and not, pardon the expression, pee their pants? We want grown men that are able to handle the situation.”

To be fair, those gray pants really show everything.

It’s principles like this one that have the Cowboys just barely missing the postseason year in and year out.

[H/T: Dallas Morning News]

[Image via Matthew Emmons/USA Today Sports]