The Dallas Cowboys Are Already Being Cocky Shitbags, Sending Out Playoff Tickets Before the Season Even Starts


Need a reason to hate the Dallas Cowboys BEFORE the NFL season even starts? I’ll help you with that: Like cocky shitsticks, the Cowboys are including playoff tickets in the ticket packages sent to season ticket holders. As ESPN notes, this includes a ticket to the NFC Championship game, which “America’s Team” hasn’t played in since 1995.

Note that no other NFL team is doing this. The Cowboys have gone 8-8 each of the past three seasons, missing the playoffs the past four years. Tony Romo is still their quarterback… via ESPN:

“It’s a convenience for our season-ticket holders to have everything in one package,” said Brett Daniels, the Cowboys director of corporate communications. “It’s an evolution to be fan-friendly. They have their tickets online and if we clinch a playoff berth they go to the computer and click they want the tickets.”

Cowboys spokesman Rich Dalrymple added that the team had to send playoff tickets to fans anyway at the end of the season for each of the last three years because the team was trying to qualify for the playoffs on the last game of the year. Because this happens around holiday time, Dalrymple said the Cowboys would be sending out the tickets during the biggest shipping rush of the year, which made the team and fans uneasy.

“Included in this package are your 2014 playoff tickets and parking (if applicable) for two potential home games at AT&T Stadium,” read a letter that came with the season tickets. “The barcodes on the tickets will be activated when a home playoff game is clinched and the tickets have been paid in full.”

So is this a smart move? Here’s how the Cowboys are justifying it:  

“It’s a bold move and gives season-ticket holders a tangible asset that they can look at all season long and gives them hope and something to look forward to,” said Jimmy Siegendorf, a Cowboys fan who happens to also be the owner of Florida-based ticket brokerage Premium Seats USA, which specializes in NFL ticket and tailgate packages. “On the flip side, it could result in salt in the wound if the team falls short of its goals once again.”

Thanks for jinxing your team, Jerry! Here’s to hoping you’re sticking your foot far up your mouth at the end of December.


-The rest of the NFC East.

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