Dallas Mayor Wants Second NFL Team In The City And Shares Why He Thinks Jerry Jones Would Be On Board

Dallas Mayor Wants Second NFL Team In The City And Shares Why He Thinks Jerry Jones Would Be On Board

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  • Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson is fighting to bring a second NFL team to the Dallas area, preferably an AFC expansion team
  • In a recent Twitter thread, the Dallas Mayor broke down why he believes Dallas is perfect for a second team and why he believes Jerry Jones would be on board with the expansion
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The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in the world. Not just the NFL, that’s across all sports. Jerry Jones’ Cowboys are valued at $5.7 billion followed by the Yankees at $5.25B, Knicks at $5B, FC Barcelona at $4.76 billion, and Real Madrid at $4.75 billion.

Current Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson recognizes that his city presides over the biggest sports franchise on the planet and he sees that as an opportunity to bring in a second team. New York City supports two NFL teams and so does Los Angeles, so why couldn’t Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys make room for an AFC team?

Last week, the Dallas Mayor started up a Twitter thread about why Dallas should bring in a second NFL team, an AFC expansion team, and he then later followed it up with more tweets. In the second thread, he explained why he believes Jerry Jones wouldn’t be against the idea. Let’s check it out:

Dallas Mayor Wants Second NFL Team In The City And Shares Why He Thinks Jerry Jones Would Be On Board

Dallas is the fastest growing metro area in the nation. All of the former ‘suburbs’ of Dallas are exploding into cities of their own. There was a recent episode of the Freakonomics podcast titled ‘Why Is Everyone Moving to Dallas?’ that’s fascinating and explains what’s happening there.

I lived in Dallas for a year but it’s been a while. I can’t say I have much insight into the current state of Dallas aside from that podcast episode but I’m still willing to bet that the Cowboys are King and any new AFC expansion team would be fighting tooth and nail to gain fans. That said, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson went in on another thread about why Jerry Jones might support or at least not fight the initiative.

A Second NFL Team To Dallas???

Jerry Jones knows better than anyone how valuable his team is and how unwavering loyalty is from Dallas Cowboys fans. and honestly, this isn’t that radical of an idea. I’d wonder why Dallas would get a second team before Austin got a first with the recent population growth there. But the current metro population of Dallas-Ft. Worth is 6.488 million. That’s more than enough residents to support a second NFL team.

What Are Cowboys Fans Saying About The Mayor’s Jerry CJones Comments?

The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable sports franchise on the planet and Jerry Jones sits comfortably as the owner. But it has been A LONG TIME since they’ve seen success in the NFL Playoffs.

That’s really the only thing that’s tripping me up with this plan. If they run into a Las Vegas Golden Knights situation where a team shows up as an expansion team and starts making the playoffs every year it would make the Cowboys look horrible. Jerry Jones would have none of that.

Michael David Smith at PFT points out that Mayor Eric Johnson’s plan is for a new stadium in the city of Dallas, to Arlington. So that would require an investment from tax payers for a new stadium…

What do you guys think, could Dallas support a second NFL team?