Dallas Stars Present A US Army Green Beret With A K9 Service Dog In The Best Way Possible

Last night, the Dallas Stars presented a former member us the U.S. Army Special Forces with a service dog in what is quite possibly the coolest ceremony ever. This all went down prior to the Dallas Stars’ game last night against the San Jose Sharks, a game the Stars won 1-0 after scoring in the 2nd period.

This ceremony was special for three reasons: 1) former Green Beret Cary Flatt received a K9 companion, 2) ‘Patty’ the service dog was welcomed into her ‘forever home’, and 3) the entire crowd present on Military Appreciation Night was treated to an incredible spectacle when a former Navy Seal Ryan Parrot rappelled from the ceiling with Patty attached to his chest before introducing former Green Beret Cary Flatt with Patty.

The entire event was captured on camera and shared on the Dallas Stars Twitter feed (h/t Mary Clarke @ SBNation):

I know what you’re thinking right now, and the answer is ‘yes’, I’ll be the conductor on this feels train. ALL ABOARD.


Former U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret Cary Flatt received his K9 companion Patty as a gift from Rebuild Warriors, a charity which provides service K9s to honorably discharged military veterans, and I think that somehow makes this story even more special.

For more details of this feel-good story, you can follow the link below and head on over to SBNation!