‘Dallas Sucks’ — Introducing The Ultimate Philly Sports Documentary About The Eagles-Cowboys Rivalry

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I am proud to be an Eagles/Flyers/76ers/Phillies fan. PROUD. Philadelphia sports fans are and always will be the best fans in sports. We might not have many championships, but we sure as hell love telling other fan bases to shove their holier-than-thou attitudes up their asses. Our championships (and lack thereof) don’t define us — Our grungy, in-your-face attitude and passion does. Some fanbases think we’re piece of shit and, to be honest, we’re proud of it. Just shows that we care.

At the very bottom of our hate-filled hearts is animosity directed to one specific thing: The dumpster-licking NFL organization known as the Dallas fucking Cowboys.

Kickstarter can be filled with bullshit, but every once-in-a-while a project pops up that I instantly throw money at. Today is one of those days. Two Philly-sports loving filmmakers,  Brian Bennett & Matthew Broad, are setting out to create a “completely biased documentary” about the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry. Appropriately, it’s called “Dallas Sucks.”

It’s a fan documentary, which means it won’t have the glossy overtones of an ESPN 30 for 30. They already have a number of Philly icons in their first round of shooting, including Ed Rendell and Ike Reese. Now they’re setting off to get more talent, like my man Bradley Cooper and Kevin Hart and Questlove.

Go support it right now if you love the City of Philadelphia and think the Cowboys and their fans are the syphilitic scum of America.

Go Birds.

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