Damar Hamlin Reportedly Using Money His Foundation Raised To Provide CPR Education

Damar Hamlin

Getty Image / Kevin Dietsch

Damar Hamlin’s scary incident back on January 2 is still fresh for everyone who watched it.

Luckily, the Buffalo Bills‘ safety was able to make a recovery and aims to be back on the field in the 2023 season.

In the moment of the incident though, a silver lining occurred, as the Chasing M’s Foundation, a charity organization put together by Damar Hamlin, gained a mass amount of donations.

Now, we finally know what Hamlin is using that money for.

According to ESPN, Damar Hamlin is going on a CPR tour where he educates people about the process that saved his life on the field. Additionally, he’s giving away automated external defibrillator’s (AED’s) “to youth sports and community groups.”

ESPN’s Alaina Getzenberg also reports that “nearly three out of four cardiac arrests outside of the hospital occurring in homes, per the American Heart Association.”

So, Damar Hamlin’s CPR tour is an effort to give people a better chance while suffering from cardiac arrest.

He started his tour in Buffalo and plans to visit multiple different cities. “Including Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.”

This is just a great way to give back to the community. Especially considering CPR and AED’s were used to save his life back on January 2.

With that said, Hamlin’s first event in Buffalo was reportedly successful, as “more than 1,000 people learned Hands-Only CPR at the event.”

CPR training and handing out AED’s were not the original reason Damar Hamlin started the Chasing M’s Foundation. He shares that he originally planned to run toy drives and hosting camps for kids, per ESPN.

“Before I got into the NFL, I had started my foundation doing things like toy drives for kids in my community, hosting camps and things like that, just wanting to play my part and giving back to my community.”

He continued to state, “Growing up I always wanted that figure in my life that could show me the right things to do, you know, kind of my personal experience was learning from what not to do. So, having that true guidance of what to do, what true steps to take it, it really makes a big difference in a kid’s life to give that direct direction.”

It sounds like the tour is a great success and hopefully Hamlin can visit as many cities as possible.