Damian Lillard Calls Out Trail Blazers Fans Amid Trade Speculation

Damian Lillard

Getty Image / Amanda Loman

The Portland Trail Blazers won the No. 3 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, giving the team plenty of options to build a competitive roster.

However, some fans are speculating a total rebuild, as some suggest Portland should consider trading Damian Lillard for more young talent.

It seems the superstar point guard is a bit fed up with it, as he’s calling out Trail Blazers fans over the speculation.

On Thursday morning, Damian Lillard quote tweeted a fan complaining about people suggesting the team trades him.

He seems like he wants to stay in Portland, but the fan speculation might be getting to Lillard. Here’s what he had to say about it.

One fan responded with a call out of his own. However, Damian Lillard stuck to his opinion about the trade speculation.

Lillard might just be the most loyal athlete of all time. The guy has remained in Portland since day one and has been adament on wanting to continue playing for the team.

You’d think that loyalty would be respected amongst the fanbase. Especially considering how much the Trail Blazers struggle trying to get superstars to play in Portland.

At the same time, fans like to pretend to be the general manager and voice their opinion on how they would build the roster.

For that reason, plenty of fans speculate a “what-if” scenario involving a Damian Lillard trade.

Even so, it’s not a great look that Lillard is calling out the fanbase. But it’s understandable considering how loyal he’s been since being drafted.

The Trail Blazers have plenty of options on the table though. They could opt to select a top-three prospect in the draft. Or, they could opt to trade it away in the hopes of landing another superstar to pair with Lillard.

Hopefully, the fans don’t push him out of Portland because the organization is in an ideal situation with a top-three pick on their hands.

Keep an eye on the Trail Blazers, as they’ll be on everybody’s radar once the NBA Draft kicks off on June 22.