Damien Woody Is Sick Of Baker Mayfield And The Chip On His 2-5 Shoulder

damien woody baker mayfield

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The Cleveland Browns are 2-5, not very good at football and Baker Mayfield has been below average this season. With that being said, Mayfield has remained true to himself, carrying himself with that type of swagger and confidence we’ve seen since his days at Oklahoma.

You either like Mayfield’s demeanor or you don’t and it turns out Damien Woody falls in the latter camp as he’s fed up with him and the chip on his shoulder.

During a segment on ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ on Thursday, the two-time Super Bowl champ spoke his mind about what’s going on with Mayfield.

All of this is coming after Mayfield got in a heated argument with a reporter before storming out of his weekly press conference on Wednesday.

You can’t really fault Mayfield or Woody if you lean on the side of people telling the truth and being 100% themselves with the media.

A reporter asked Mayfield a question, he answered it, was interrupted then got pissed off and left. No harm no foul. Woody, on the other hand, isn’t necessarily speaking about that specific incident on Wednesday, but more the fact that he’s walking around like one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL and that’s simply not the case.

The Browns entered the year with so much hype and are slowly falling into the laughing stock we’ve known and loved for so many years in the past, yet Mayfield is going to be Mayfield, which I honestly respect but I’m also a dumb millennial.

One thing is for sure though, if the Browns lose to a terrible Broncos team this Sunday then things are really going to hit the fan in Cleveland.