Dan Campbell Makes Bold Claim About Lions Amid Stellar Offseason

Dan Campbell

Getty Image / Mike Mulholland

It’s been a busy offseason for the Detroit Lions, as the franchise has acquired numerous talented players to improve the roster.

Right now might be the time to strike, as the Green Bay Packers may fall from the top of the NFC North after (eventually) trading Aaron Rodgers.

Head coach Dan Campbell realizes the opportunity the Lions have right now and offers a bold claim about the upcoming season.

According to Eric Edholm, Campbell had nothing but nice things to say about Jared Goff. Additionally, the Lions’ head coach believes this year’s team can make some noise in the 2023 season.

“Listen, feel really good about it. Goff? Love Goff. Goff’s our guy, man,” Campbell said when asked about the Lions’ QB situation. “I think he’s proven over the last two years that, man, he’s made for us. He’s had to endure a lot, just like all of us have. I thought he played his best football last year, and I think he’s gonna come out and play some of the best this year. Feel good about it.”

From the sounds of it, Dan Campbell wants Jared Goff under center. As Edholm points out though, Detroit could still choose to take a quarterback in the first round.

Especially considering the Lions don’t have great depth or a developmental player at quarterback. Regardless, Dan Campbell thinks very highly of his team this season.

“Our expectations should go up. The standards have always been there — we always have the standards, that’s what everything has been built off of for three years now — but our expectations should go up. They should realize, ‘Hey, man, we are good enough. We proved what we could do last year, and we’re gonna be a better team this year.'”

Dan Campbell wants to be realistic and not get ahead of himself, as there is still a ton of time before the regular season even starts.

Despite that, the Lions’ head coach is incredibly confident in his team, per Eric Edholm.

“Are we capable? Yeah, I think we’ll be capable. Now it’s a long time between now and then. But yeah, I think everything was working to this point to where, man, you hit Year 3, and now we’re ready to go dance a bit. I love where we’re at right now.”

Keep an eye on Detroit this year as they’re an interesting team. Dan Campbell and the Lions could finally get over the hump in his third season as head coach.